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Sunday, July 15th 2012

12:18 AM

Preteen models amature


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He wanted me to be tired and have a sore throat by the time I got to him so that he could enjoy fucking my face knowing that I wasn't interested in any more sex at this point. But again, the things he was saying and the fact that he had planned this whole group for me, I figured I owed it to him.Now I had never been with Joe before but we had talked a lot about what he likes. He likes fucking young dudes up the ass and he always kind of threatened that he was going to fuck me. I am no way into anal and told him that but he was convinced that I could be taught to get over that. But Joe really knew I wasn't into anal and he was only pushing my buttons. It was all still apart of his plan. Because he then said that if he couldn't fuck my ass he was going to fuck my face like it was an ass and give it to me rough. He then approached me with a piece of rope and said he likes to tie a dude's hands behind his back when he rapes him. 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I had a bruise there for a week!It was really starting to get uncomfortable and he could see that I was squirming and that my eyes were watering and I gagged from time to time. He was really getting into the fact that this wasn't giving me much pleasure. It was now starting to hurt like hell. But he wasn't done with me yet. He did pull out and asked me a few questions and I remember telling him he was hurting me. When I said that his eyes got narrow and he seemed to get this wild look on his face as if he was waiting for me to complain about my sore throat. He rammed me a few more times before grabbing me by the hair and pulling me down to the floor on my back. My hands were still behind my back and it wasn't very comfortable laying on preteen vid tgp the hard cement floor like that. There wasn't any carpeting underneath me. My head was in direct contact with the cement floor. He positioned himself over me, kind of sitting on my chest and pushed his dick in my mouth. He wasn't hitting the back of my throat this way so I was relieved. But he changed positions and got over me in a pushup position and for the next 15 minutes he raped my mouth as hard as he could and he was again hitting that sore spot with full force. He finally came and as he untied me he told me how hot that was and I suddenly felt a real respect for him and I was thankful that he pushed things that far. It was one of the hottest sexual encounters I have ever had.After that, Joe and I talked a few more times. He set up another group about a month later but with only three other guys. It ended pretty much the same way with Joe roughing me up. I had another bruise after that. And he told me a story about a friend of his who is a dentist and about the time this hot chic came in to get her teeth cleaned and when the dentist looked in her mouth he saw bruises on the roof of her mouth and the back of her throat and he knew what she was doing. It was a running joke around the dental office for weeks! So Joe got this idea. He told me that I was to let him know when I had a scheduled dentist appointment because he wanted to have a session with me the night before. We never did that yet, but I'm still hoping it happens.Joe has a boyfriend now and it's been months since I've talked to him. He still sends me an email from time to time and tells me we'll hook again sometime. I am definitely interested because I don't find many guys like Joe, guys who want to be pleasured and who really get into it when they know I'm not getting any pleasure out of what they are doing to me. But that's the beauty of rape. It might hurt like hell while the stud's using you for his pleasure, but when it's all over, you end up thanking the guy and begging for more!NOTE: Questions and comments are welcome. If you are an aggressive top guy looking to rough up a cocksucker, I want to talk to you! I live in Chicago but travel frequently. E-mail me and we'll see if we can set something up!
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Sunday, July 15th 2012

12:00 AM

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